Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where to Write??

Now that I'm officially back to writing fresh material I thought it would be fun to look at productive places to write. Some writers are very constrained and require an upright chair and desk to really get to work, but I am completely opposite. I rarely write in the same place from day to day and I am more likely to be found laying on the floor or sitting in my bed than at any desk.

Author Justin Cartwright emphasizes the importance of separating work from home so he has turned a hallway of his home into a "writing room." Michael Murpurgo was more like me and after much experimenting he discovered he was much more comfortable and wrote some of his best work sitting in a bed, but his wife was irritated at the invasion of space, so they made a separate "bed-writing room" in their home for him to work. Other authors take their work on the go. Simon Callow writes whereever he may find himself, including dressing rooms at performances or locations where he is filming.

Yesterday was my day off, so I set my camera to "continuous" and documented how my day of writing evolved:

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